Thanks for a Great Year!

Just did a little check up on this site for the year 2018. This was the first full year of this blog, which is kind-of a rebirth of my old blog, “Instrument Rated Theology.” I have been deeply blessed to have been in conversation with many of you – and I wanted to pass along that I enjoy each and every response, question, or push-back that I get.

My numbers in terms of readers and views for the entire year would probably make for a bad month for some blogs – maybe even a bad day – but for me, I just appreciate every time someone reads my meandering thoughts. As I noted somewhere, sometime, I write mostly just for me, and if ¬†what I say proves to be beneficial for someone else – so much the better. I don’t even mind if someone disagrees (so long as it is done politely), because at the very least I can say that I provoked some thought. And, who knows, maybe you can change my mind – or at least get me to change how I portray something.

So, just for giggles and grins, I thought I would share the top 10 blog posts for the past year on Ascending Lower (as voted by you all, the reading public):

  • The Bible’s Greatest Silence . . . and the Church’s Loudest Cry
  • A Pox on ‘Praise Teams’
  • Rocky Mountain High
  • Praise Teams (Again)
  • Why Are We Divided?
  • Of God and Guns
  • Willow Creek and Human Pride
  • Proposing a New, Really Old, Hermeneutic
  • Disciples and the Lord’s Prayer
  • Mega-Star, Mega-Preachers – a Pox on Your House Too

Okay, so I probably need to stay away for Poxes and Praise Teams in 2019.

My goal is to do more writing on individual texts and theological topics – but invariably some ‘hot-button’ issue comes up and I feel a need to swat at it. I also want to improve my review articles on the books that I read, and I have a doozy for my first review of 2019. I hope I can do the book justice.

Once again, thanks for reading, and a huge thank you to those who have chosen to “follow” this blog. I hope I can repay your kindness by providing thoughtful, if not always agreeable, content.

Let us all resolve to ascend higher by climbing lower this coming year.