Daily Bible Reading Schedule – Read the Bible Through Twice (2019)

It seems there are “daily Bible reading schedules” to fit every need and every personality. I have tried a number of them – but this one seems to fit me the best. A brief word of explanation might be valuable, however.

First, as a minister I probably have a little more time available for daily Bible reading than many other people. I don’t want that to be an excuse to not use this schedule – because we make time for what we feel is important. If watching TV is important to you – or playing on your electronic game is important to you – then you will make time for it. If reading the Bible is important to you, you will find the time.

Second, many Bible reading schedules have you read through the Bible once in a year. I think this is good. If we do not read the entire Bible, we are getting a distorted picture of God’s message.

This schedule, however, allows us to read through the Bible twice in a year. Yes, I said it – twice! I worked this schedule out for one reason in particular. I wanted to hear the word of God in different terms and phrases. I am extremely comfortable with the Revised Standard Version/English Standard Version, and I wanted to “hear” the text in ways that expose me to different ways of looking at the text. So, I read through the Bible once using a “formal” (or more “word-for-word”) translation, and once using a more “dynamic” (or in my excellent term, a “loosey-goosey”) translation. So I might pair up the New American Standard Bible with the New Living Translation. Or, I might read the Revised Standard Version in the first six months and Eugene Peterson’s The Message from July-December.

One last word – I am not using this schedule to study. I do my study from a number of translations, always using the original languages as much as my limited knowledge allows me. This schedule is to keep me in the text – to allow the Bible to become familiar to me – and nothing more.

This schedule calls for a reading of one Psalm daily (something I believe is very important), and, for the most part, involves reading 5 chapters of the Old Testament daily, and two chapters of the New Testament daily. The exceptions are Monday and Saturday, when only one chapter of the New Testament is read, and Sundays, when I follow the Revised Common Lectionary for my Sunday reading.

I hope you find this useful. And there may be typographical or other goofs. Hopefully you can fix what needs to be fixed.

Daily Bible Reading Schedule – 2019 2x