Daily Bible Reading Schedule – Read the Bible Through Once (2019)

On a separate page I have posted my preferred daily Bible reading schedule, one that I think is appropriate for ministers and other Bible teachers. According to that schedule the Bible is read through in its entirety twice each year. There are a number of advantages and reasons for that particular schedule, as I list on that page.

However, not everyone has the time or the inclination to read through the Bible twice. So, for the congregation where I last served I modified my reading schedule to read through the Bible once each year, and then I used that reading schedule to plan my sermons for that year. I chose one text from the schedule to preach on that week (with a few exceptions, of course). It was a great way for me to “preach through the Bible” and I pray it was valuable for the congregation as well.

So, this year I am posting both reading schedules – my “Read Through the Bible Twice” schedule, and this year my “Read Through the Bible Once” schedule. I pray one or the other will be a blessing to you.

A brief word of explanation – you will note this schedule calls for the reading of a Psalm each day, an Old Testament reading (usually 2-3 chapters) and a New Testament reading each day (usually 1 chapter). This is important because it keeps us in the Psalms (the worship center of the Old Testament), and it provides a linking between the Old and New Testaments. There is no telling how many times I have read something in the Old Testament, and then read an echo of that passage in the New Testament.

Another brief note – you will also note that on Saturday only the Psalm is listed. This is to allow for any “missed” days to be made up on Saturday, but we remain in the Psalms. And, finally, on Sunday there is no listing, once again to allow for any “missed” days to be made-up, but also because I hope (and probably have a right to expect) that we will be in a worship service where a section of the Bible is read and studied. So, on Sunday, your local congregation is the source of your daily Bible reading.

I pray for the blessings of your daily Bible reading this year. Whichever schedule you use, stay in the Word!

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